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Cover of Ceredigion 2009Vol XVI, No 1 - 2009
Barrows, cropmarks and Lewis Morris: An Early Bronze Age ritual complex discovered at Dollwen, Goginan, CeredigionTOBY DRIVER
Town and Countryside in Cardiganshire towards the end of the Middle Ages RALPH A. GRIFFITHS
Edward Lhwyd a Cheredigion BRYNLEY F. ROBERTS
The Portreeve's Tale: The Decline and Fall of the Borough of Adpar RICHARD MOORE-COLYER
Trefeurig, 1851-1891: A case study of a lead mining township KATE COOPER
A Welshman in Albania: E. C. L. Fitzwilliams of Cilgwyn, Newcastle Emlyn, and the British Adriatic Mission, 191516 RICHARD MOORE-COLYER
Our Founding Fathers and Mothers:The Cardiganshire Antiquarians GERAINT H.JENKINS
Tribute to Dr E. L. Ellis (1922-2008)J. GRAHAM JONES
Centenary Celebrations 2009

Annual Report
Annual Accounts

Cover of Ceredigion 2008Vol XV, No. 4 - 2008
Prehistoric Funerary and Ritual Sites in CeredigionNIKKI COOK
Dafydd ap Gwilym and his Patrons in CeredigionGERAINT GRUFFYDD
Datblygiad Undodiaeth yn Ardal y Smotyn DuEUROS M. LLOYD
Archdeacon John Williams (1792-1858)E. D. EVANS
Keeping the Home Fires Burning: Aspects of Rural Life in Wartime Ceredigion, 1939-1945RICHARD MOORE-COLYER
Annual Report
Statement of Accounts

Cover of Ceredigion 2007Vol XV, No. 3 - 2007
Ewyllysiau Cymraeg y Cardis 1725-1847GERALD MORGAN
Thomas Burgess, Iolo Morganwg and the Black SpotGERAINT H.JENKINS
'The Wail of Miss Jane': The Rebecca Riots and Jane Walters of Glanmedem, 1843-4LOWRI ANN REES
Eglwys Sant Mihangel,Tremain, ac Ysgol Pontycleifion, AberteifiDEWI M.LLOYD
The Building of Aberystwyth PromenadeMICHAEL FREEMAN
Above the Battle: William Basil Loxdale Jones of Gwynfryn and the First World WarRICHARD MOORE-COLYER

Cover of Ceredigion 2006Vol XV, No. 2 - 2006
How Old is Pont Rhydfendigaid?TERRY WILLIAMS
Caught on Camera: Cardiganshire Criminal Portraits in ContextRICHARD W. IRELAND
'Ffarwel i Aberystwyth . . .': Golwg ar Gyfraniad Jennie Williams (1885-1971) i Fyd yr Alaw Werin yng NghymruWYN THOMAS
Sir Rhys Hopkin Morris and Cardiganshire Politics, 1922-1932JOHN GRAHAM JONES
YrYmgyrch dros Neuadd Breswyl Gymraeg ym Mhrifysgol Cymru, AberystwythCARWYN FOWLER A RHYS JONES
Adroddiad Blynyddol/Annual Report
Cyfrifon/Statement of Accounts

Cover of Ceredigion 2005Vol XV, No. 1 - 2005
Retail Therapy in Seventeenth-century West WalesGERALD MORGAN
Ysgubor-y-coed and its Lost MillsROGER BIRD
Colonel Gwynne of Mynachty (1783-1861)HENRY PHYTHIAN-ADAMS
Recalcitrance and Acceptance: Aspects of Centralisation under the Poor Law in CardiganshireMATTHEW GARRETT
'A Fire Made of Shavings'? the 1904 Revival in CardiganshireHUW RODERICK
Alun R. Edwards: Arloeswr a Gwireddwr BreuddwydionRHEINALLT LLWYD
Adroddiad Blynyddol/Annual Report
Cyfrifon/Statement of Accounts

Cover of Ceredigion 2004Vol XIV, No. 4 - 2004
Two Vaughan Brothers of Trawsgoed - The First Earl of Lisburne and Lieutenant-General Sir John VaughanPETER D. G. THOMAS
'The new and very satisfactory church of Llandygwydd': The transient glory of a flawed edifice, 1857-1980GWYNFOR REES
J. Gwenogfryn Evans a Chofnodi a Mynegeio Llawysgrifau CymruD. HYWEL E. ROBERTS
Matthew Lewis Vaughan Davies: Ambitious Cad or Assiduous Politician?CAROLINE PALMER
Dame Margaret in CardiganshireJ. GRAHAM JONES
The Strange Case of a Wartime Pig and a Judicial Enquiry into the Conduct of a Cardiganshire BenchRICHARD JONES
Yr Adroddiad Blynyddol/Annual Report
Cyfrifon/Statement of Accounts]##]

Cover of Ceredigion 2003Vol XIV, No. 3 - 2003
The Seals of Strata FloridaDAVID H. WILLIAMS
The Early Years of the Turnpike Trust in CardiganshireDEWI DAVIES
Ceredigion and the Changing Visitor Gaze c. 1760-2000MICHAEL BENBOUGH-JACKSON
Of Maranhao and Chattering MonkeysWILLIAM TROUGHTON
Llansanffraid ChurchMARK MCDERMOTT
Bywyd a Gwaith D.O. Evans, A.S.D. BEN REES
'The Young Upstart': Dr E. Roderic Bowen (1913-2001)J. GRAHAM JONES
'Galar Hen Hil'GWYN DAVIES
Adroddiad Blynyddol/Annual Report
Cyfrifon/Statement of Accounts

Cover of Ceredigion 2002Vol XIV, No. 2 - 2002
Lewis Morris: 'The Fat Man of Cardiganshire'GERAINT H. JENKINS
T. E. Ellis a CheredigionMARI ELLIS
'Without any distinction of sect, or creed, or politics'?:
Charity and Hospital Provision in Nineteenth-Century Aberystwyth
Mudiad y Temlwyr Da ym Mlwyf Troed-yr-aurMAIR DAVIES
Running Franco's Blockade: Captain John Jones, Aberarth and the S.S. SarastoneRICHARD JONES
Famous amongst the Barns: The Cardiganshire Landscapes of John ElwynROBERT MEYRICK
Adroddiad Blynyddol/Annual Report

Cover of Ceredigion 2001Vol XIV, No. 4 - 2001
Santesau CeredigionJANE CARTWRIGHT
A History of Tanybwlch Estate, AberystwythCAROLINE PALMER
The Board of Agriculture, Walter Davies ('Gwallter Mechain') and Cardiganshire c.l794-1815DAVID CERI JONES
A Cardiganshire Crown Land DisputeE.D. EVANS
Erlid yn Aberystwyth 1914-1917: Achos Hermann EtheTEGWYN JONES
The Great War in Wales: Memory and Monuments in CeredigionANGELA GAFFNEY
Adroddiad Blynyddol/Annual Report
Cyfrifon/Statement of Accounts

Copies of earlier editions of Ceredigion are available for purchase. Click here for details

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